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The Humanity of Black Music in Alabama and the Civil Rights Movement

This symposium is an intellectual discussion on how positive music during the Civil Rights Movement encouraged and enables the nonviolent movement to succeed. Because of this powerful movement, America racist and hateful Jim Crow laws were dismantled, made illegal, yet slow to enforce. In 2021, America’s society is just as fractured today as in 1901 when Alabama enacted its racist white supremacy constitution. We need to return to the source of our power. That power that the people used in the Humanity of Black Music.

The Humanity of Black Music, including the Spirituals, Gospels, Blues, Jazz, and selected R&B songs, helped African Americans to stand and face down inhuman laws. From 1865 until 1968, most American Citizens fought to keep barbaric, sadistic, and monstrous laws in place, so the African American citizens were not afforded the fair opportunity of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

But, through divine intervention, God’s law is more powerful than man’s laws African American citizens used the power of God’s law thru the music defeat the inhumane legal treatment of Black’s in America. Hence, we present The Humanity of Black Music.