The Rocket City Civil Rights Movement

The Rocket City Civil Rights Movement, in collaboration with Huntsville’s Tennessee Valley Jazz Oneness Committee and Sonnie Hereford Elementary School, hosted a program com-memorating the Integration of Huntsville and Alabama Public Schools, a pivotal event that unfolded 60 years ago in 1963. We are deeply honored to present this significant historical project, particularly in light of the many activities across the nation aimed at eliminating the rich history of Black America. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated members of our committee, including Sonnie W. Hereford IV, John Cashin Jr., Ms. Martha Hereford, Dr. Eurydice Osterman, Ms. LaVonda Grant, Dollie Jackson, Micheal Sparks, Donna Williams and staff at Sonnie Here-ford Elementary School, Joseph Lee, and Howard J. Bankhead for their invaluable contributions to making this historical event possible. A special heartfelt thanks to the students that participated in the program and the superb behavior of all the students. The major purpose for presenting the program was for the students, facility facility and staff at Sonnie Hereford Elementary School. In addition to the guest that attended the special program including Huntsville City School Superintendent Dr. Clarence Sutton and members of the school board. It is of utmost importance to acknowledge and pay tribute to the struggles, history, and ac-complishments of the Black community, particularly in their relentless pursuit of human (civil) rights and equality. Neglecting this crucial aspect of history can inadvertently contrib-ute to concealing and negating the enduring experiences of Black individuals under unjust laws. Events such as these educational programs serve as a beacon, illuminating the success of the non-violent Human (Civil) Rights Movement. They offer our youth a unique opportunity to hear, see, understand, and appreciate the profound history of Black Americans who coura-geously and peacefully opposed unjust laws, including the Alabama 1901 constitution, which stood as a legalized document of white supremacy. Our commitment extends to presenting more activities that allow survivors and participants of the movement to share their stories and experiences, ensuring that their voices and con-tributions remain vividly remembered. Moreover, delving into the pivotal role of music in inspiring peaceful protest and resilience provides a valuable link between the cultural and artistic expressions of the time and the broader social and political context. Promoting events of this nature will undoubtedly cultivate heightened awareness, under-standing, and empathy among individuals of all backgrounds, contributing to a society that is more inclusive and just. It remains imperative to honor and preserve the struggles of the past, as they have profoundly shaped the present and will continue to influence the future. This project was made possible with funding from Huntsville Arts & Cultural Grant Program Part of the Successful Nonviolent Civil (Human) Rights Movement Music & Places Tour / For more information

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Lose yourself in the rhythm and experience the magic of jazz at our live events. Our society is proud to host a variety of jazz music events throughout the year, ranging from intimate performances by local artists to grand showcases featuring world-renowned jazz musicians. Each event offers a unique immersion into the rich tapestry of jazz, fostering an environment of cultural appreciation and musical discovery. Join us for unforgettable nights filled with compelling performances that will transport you to the heart of the jazz world.

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We firmly believe in the transformative power of music, particularly jazz, as a tool for learning and development. That’s why we’ve created educational outreach programs to introduce children to jazz music and its history. We bring the world of jazz to the classroom, weaving together interactive musical performances with lessons about the historical significance and societal impact of jazz. Through these initiatives, we aim to inspire the next generation of jazz lovers, nurturing their talent and curiosity while highlighting the benefits of music education.

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The Tennessee Valley Jazz Society is committed to amplifying the voice of jazz in our community and beyond. We actively work to promote the appreciation and understanding of jazz music through various initiatives. From hosting jazz appreciation workshops and panel discussions to collaborating with local and international music festivals, we continually strive to create spaces where jazz can be enjoyed, discussed, and loved.

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