Watch Ron Carter’s LIVE performance here in Huntsville, Alabama

For Jazz Appreciation Month, Jazz Education in the Schools presented

Hazel Green Elementary, April 27, 2022
Over 500 students, facility and staff enjoyed the Jazz education Concert
Madison Cross Roads, April 29, 2022
Over 1000 students, facility and staff enjoyed the Jazz education Concert

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Researchers say there is close ties between music and math. Jazz education is a program that emphasizes the interconnection of jazz music to history, math and science.

One of the most important things we need to do as a nation is to develop young minds and character.

The Late Great Ellis Marsalis Jr. – American Pianist
Brass Playing at the Cooper House in Huntsville, Alabama
Living Legend Ron Carter

We are committed to exposing young minds to positive music in today’s negative music culture.

Howard Bankhead, Founder

With the other choices of music in today’s pop culture, jazz is one form of music that presents positive influences and images consistent with learning.

The city’s energy binds us together. It drives us to be the best.

The Jazz Society’s mission is to sponsor, encourage and promote the arts through youth development, health awareness and educational activities in the Tennessee Valley.